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Art of Science Information

About Art of Science


The Annual Art of Science Exhibition and Competition celebrates  the aesthetics of research and explores the interconnected nature of science and art. Each year we hold an exhibition showcasing a selection of submissions from the wider Stanford community to engage with other scientists and the wider public. 

As scientists we strive to learn from and communicate the wonders of the world around us through math and reason, and here through art. We encourage you to come with open minds, to see what sparks your curiosity, and to begin conversations you would have otherwise not expected. Most of all we hope you enjoy the incredible works from researchers and creators on Stanford’s campus.



Previous Finalists







Details on submission, exhibition, and judging


Finalists – finalists are chosen by a team of graduate students in the Materials Science and Engineering department. Our curation team carefully balances many factors in finalist selection, such as scientific relevance and artistic aesthetic. As with any artistic endeavor, we understand this process is inherently subjective. We leverage multiple years of experience and a collective review process to make as fair of a selection as possible. We generally have around 100 submissions per year from which we select a subset of finalists. Multiple submissions per artist are allowed, but only one piece per artist can be selected as a finalist.


Exhibition – under normal circumstances, an in-person showcase would be held on Stanford's Campus. Unfortunately, this is not possible for the 2020 Art of Science competition. This year, we have designed a virtual “choose your own adventure” where people can view the exhibition at their own leisure. The exhibition will open Friday, June 5th at 5pm PST.  A virtual exhibit viewer will allow attendees to move through a 3D space and view artwork as they would in a gallery. A standard gallery of the submissions will also be available. Videos are unfortunately not supported by the virtual exhibit viewer. Instead, these video submissions will be featured sepearately. We hope you enjoy this virtual format. Let the beauty and creativity of the presented works shine through your screen.


Judging – we invite 6-8 judges from the Stanford community to review each year's finalists. An equal number of judges from scientific and artistic disciplines are invited. Judges rank the works based on artistic and scientific vision. As with our curation, each judge brings a unique perspective to the evalution. First, second, and third-place winners are selected based on cumulative rankings. Any ties are decided by discussion between judges. In previous years. we have had shared 2nd or 3rd place winners.


Popular Vote – beyond our official Judge-chosen winners, we also collect votes from everyone in attendance for a popular choice winner. Voting will be conducted using a Google form, where participants can select 1-3 of their favorite pieces.